Green Tea Against Prostate Cancer

Green Tea Against Prostate Cancer

Five cups of green tea prevent advanced prostate cancer according to a recent Japanese study. Men who drink five cups of green tea a day reduced by 50 percent the risk of advanced prostate cancer compared to those consuming a single cup, according to a recent Japanese study has been carried by news agency Kyodo.

According to research by Japan’s Ministry of Health, the habit of drinking green tea alone would be effective to prevent an advanced stage of prostate cancer, but not to prevent the arrival of the disease.

While scientists know why green tea has no effect on the initial development of prostate cancer, say the risk of advanced disease is reduced by half if you take five cups of this variety of tea, day.

The study was conducted in two provinces and among Japanese adults aged between 40 and 69, for more than a decade. Of all those who participated, 404 people contracted prostate cancer and 114 of them developed the disease in advanced degree.

The investigation showed that if the risk of developing severe prostate cancer was measured by the number 1, for people who drank one or no cups of green tea a day, that figure down to a 0.52, if taken at least five cups, a total of 750 cl.

The team notes that a substance in green tea such as “catechin” could be the lucky discovery agent capable of inhibiting the growth of prostate cancer.