Complementary and Alternative Medicine

You probably have a basic understanding of how modern medicine: people make an annual check-up, take medicine when they are sick, have a cast if you break a bone, and come back as new. But in recent years other approaches to healing are increasing their popularity. Many of these techniques “alternative” from all over the … Continue reading “Complementary and Alternative Medicine”

Benefits of Tea Abuta

Surely you’ve noticed in health food stores or spaces in the grocery trade of natural products or variety of tea and natural healing is truly immense. The offer is no longer restricted only to black tea, red tea, white tea or some variety of green tea, but can also be other properties infusions to treat … Continue reading “Benefits of Tea Abuta”

Tips to Prevent Sinusitis

Sinusitis is a disease that leads to complications in the sinuses , causing inflammation that prevents the entry and exit of air. Here are some tips to address or prevent such ailments. The most important function of the sinuses is wet, warm and filter the air that enters the nose. The sinusitis undermines this process … Continue reading “Tips to Prevent Sinusitis”

Coping with Heat Stroke in an Infant

The parents are obliged to recognize when we are faced with a possible case of heat stroke, especially when symptoms are obvious and our baby is shown dazed, with warm skin and headache . We have prepared some recommendations to curb heat stroke in the baby and avoid the consequences of their illness. Heat strokes … Continue reading “Coping with Heat Stroke in an Infant”

Euglycemic state and infections.

Introduction. This is a small tribute to great scientists almost unknown in medical schools and homeopathic organizations today. So far, their contributions deserve recognition for understanding the real causes of acute and chronic diseases and therefore for proper treatment. ‘The history of mankind is an immense sea of ​​errors in the hidden truths that can … Continue reading “Euglycemic state and infections.”

Foods that Increase Body Temperature

Subclinical hypothyroidism (The most important underlying clinical condition in chronic and degenerative diseases) Seaweed: Kelp or bladderwrack, or Dulse, is perhaps the plant that has iodine in the world. Constituents: Rich in iodine, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, sulfur, silicon and iron. Rich in certain vitamins B.Cantidades moderate phosphorus, selenium, manganese and zinc.Pequeñas amounts of vitamins … Continue reading “Foods that Increase Body Temperature”

Limoncillo the Lemon Grass

Family: Grass Botanical name: Cymbopogon citratus. Other common names: lemon grass or citronella, patchouli (Amazonas), lemon grass (Cuba), lemon grass, lemon grass, grass tea (Costa Rica and Mexico), molojillo criollo (Venezuela), lemon grass, lemon grass, lemongrass , lemon. Common Names in English: lemon grass, lemon grass Nest Indian. Botanical Description: Grass of coarse leaves up … Continue reading “Limoncillo the Lemon Grass”

What is Homeopathy?

It was developed by German physician Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) in the late eighteenth century. It has a wide and growing popularity in the areas where it is practiced, being funded by some social security systems, as in England, France, India, etc.. Homeopathy emerges as a more benign and moderate mainstream medicine of the time, still … Continue reading “What is Homeopathy?”

The anti-cancer trace mineral

The anti-cancer trace mineral A trace mineral that is essential for the proper functioning of glutathione peroxidase and in particular for the optimal functioning of the thyroid gland. The heart, kidney, lung, liver, pancreas and muscle contain high levels of selenium as a component of glutathione (2) is stored in the liver body the highest … Continue reading “The anti-cancer trace mineral”

Broccoli reduce the risk of skin cancer

The broccoli extract may protect skin from UV rays. According to recent research published in the Journal of the Royal Society of Chemistry Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences, broccoli extract may protect skin from harmful UV rays and reduce the risk of skin cancer. Researchers at the Johns Hopkins University, carried out a study on the … Continue reading “Broccoli reduce the risk of skin cancer”

Old home remedies for insomnia

You could say that insomnia is something that humans suffer from “the world began,” so that their struggle against him is not for little time, but a long battle. Today we understand that sleep is related to the mind and brain, but before, precisely in the Victorian era was not paid attention to the mind. … Continue reading “Old home remedies for insomnia”

Aromatic Water for Heartburn

The bitter taste in the mouth is a symptom of heartburn. Aromatic water consumption slows the effects of heartburn. These days, public services are more patient gastroenterology. In these days of excess, our body undergoes various chemical reactions product of them, like the bitter taste in the mouth, a symptom of excessive acidity. Aromatic water … Continue reading “Aromatic Water for Heartburn”