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Workout plan for beginners

The following exercise guide will help you have a good physical condition. Ideal for those who start exercising. Exercise routine for beginners Exercise 1 • Begin this: Lie on the floor with knees bent, feet close to your body and…Continue Reading →

Tips Before Lifting Weights

The exercises are always a highly recommended method to keep fit and stay healthy, however there are some preliminary recommendations that are worth taking into account, especially when it comes to lifting weights . Here are some useful tips that…Continue Reading →

4 Weight Training Tips to Avoiding Injury

Weight training is a popular exercise, and for good reason. It helps you to increase lean muscle mass while losing fat and strengthening your bones. However, weight training also comes with a high risk of injury, and it’s important to…Continue Reading →

10 Minute Trainer: Ten Minutes, New You

Can ten minutes a day really make a difference in your life? If you are using the 10 Minute Trainer it certainly can. These short power packed workouts are specially designed to provide you with just the right exercises that…Continue Reading →