Alternative Supply of Nutrition

Biking together with family or office-mates at weekends can be a good option for spending our leisure. After a whole week exhausting work an employee must be longing for a moment where he or she can have real fun that will help improve the performance at work forward. The only choice is spending leisure at … Continue reading “Alternative Supply of Nutrition”

Red fruits can prevent disease and get rid of the tumors

Benefits of red fruits Not only postmodern consider them as a decorative element to your dessert or culinary whim. Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, raspberries and other berries hide numerous health benefits. Protect against certain types of cancer and prevent cardiovascular disease and infectious diseases. These are just some of the many benefits it can bring to … Continue reading “Red fruits can prevent disease and get rid of the tumors”

What gives us the fish oil for the heart?

In a study conducted found that if you have high cholesterol, fish oil can help reduce nearly 20% chance of cardiovascular problems, if you have suffered a heart attack, can fall to 30 % chance of having another. The key are the fatty acids EPA and DHA. We recommend eating a daily average of 500 … Continue reading “What gives us the fish oil for the heart?”

Risk Analyzes of Transgenic Seeds

On the eve, officials from the Ministry of Health and other agencies gathered to discuss the introduction of a new technology for agricultural production, through the use of transgenic seeds. The activity was held in the auditorium of the MSP. On the occasion, Dr. Laura Mendoza, director of the National Institute of Food and Nutrition … Continue reading “Risk Analyzes of Transgenic Seeds”

Abdominal Obesity and Alcohol

A recent study published in the ‘European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, has just revealed that the intake of alcohol, during different stages of life can produce abdominal adiposity , generating a significant increase in waist circumference. The men are the group most likely to suffer from an increased body mass index (BMI). There is no … Continue reading “Abdominal Obesity and Alcohol”

Is a food probiotic yogurt?

The defining characteristic as a probiotic is a microorganism that can survive the effects of gastric juices and bile reaching the intestine asset to perform beneficial functions. But the truth is that scientists do not agree to play in defining what microorganisms are probiotics and what not. One group of investigators recently ensured that yogurt … Continue reading “Is a food probiotic yogurt?”

Work habits that cause overweight

A job change may be accompanied by a weight increase. Or so say some workers. According to a survey by CareerBuilder, 44% of American workers said they gained weight in their current job. And identifies, in the workplace, the main causes of those unwanted extra kilos: 1. Too much time sitting. 54% of respondents attributed … Continue reading “Work habits that cause overweight”

7 tips for healthy egg hunt

Find eggs for Easter Day can be fun, but also dangerous if used perishable foods like eggs. The Department of Agriculture United States offers the following tips to If you plan to eat boiled eggs that have decorated sure to use a color assigned for use in food. Some people make two sets of eggs, … Continue reading “7 tips for healthy egg hunt”

Hunger Suppressants are Soluble Fibers, Hoodia Gordonii, and protein

The use of proteins as an aid to weight loss is widely known by Dukan diet diets like the Atkins diet, Zone diet, the Montignac diet and so many others about which we have discussed in the section Analysis of Diets famous. Hoodia Gordonii is an herb from Africa and sold as a hunger suppressant. … Continue reading “Hunger Suppressants are Soluble Fibers, Hoodia Gordonii, and protein”

Foods That Keep Us Healthy

There are a number of foods thanks to its composition permit and help keep our bodies healthy, in some cases are good to fight disease. In most cases, because these foods contain lots of antioxidants and some can contain special nutrients. In the article we are following some foods that are considered highly recommended for … Continue reading “Foods That Keep Us Healthy”

Foods That Can Interact Badly With Prescriptions

You’ve all heard that various prescription and non-prescription medications can create dangerous or harmful combinations. One medication can react badly with another medication, keeping it from doing its job correctly or even creating harmful side effects. But did you know that there are actually some foods that can also interact badly with prescription medications? Read … Continue reading “Foods That Can Interact Badly With Prescriptions”

Food for Osteoarthritis

People with arthritis and arthritis may experience severe pain in the bones to perform simple tasks, including those that relate to preparing and eating meals, so you have to prepare diets with simple menus and easy to prepare. Furthermore, it should be noted that when reduced mobility, it also reduces the activity, and therefore caloric … Continue reading “Food for Osteoarthritis”