The stress at bay!

In this “crazy life” that we stress can be causing health problems unknowingly as this tension (sometimes inevitable), held in the body, can cause minor discomfort worse if not handled in a healthy way. The best way to manage stress is to realize that there is a tension that often accompanies or most of the … Continue reading “The stress at bay!”

Exercise For Stress and Depression

The pace of life in today’s society is usually very fast, we are always behind in the rush, and we accumulate so many tasks that eventually ended up stressed or depressed. Depression and stress are conditions that seriously affect our body, affecting both the psychological and the physical. One of the best ways to combat … Continue reading “Exercise For Stress and Depression”

Therapies for Anxiety

Looking therapies for anxiety? Well, you’ve come to the right place but first let me supply you some brief concepts about anxiety. Anxiety is also known as anxiety or concern, and is a psychological and physiological state characterized by somatic, emotional components, cognitive and behavioral. Anxiety is an unpleasant feeling of fear and worry. Today, … Continue reading “Therapies for Anxiety”

10 Tips to Reduce Stress

Stress is the response of the organism to changes. It is something very individual. A situation that a person is stressful, I cannot be worried at all to another person. For example a person may be tense while driving; another person is driving a source of relaxation and pleasure. Something that causes fear for some … Continue reading “10 Tips to Reduce Stress”

Consequences of Anorexia

Anorexia has several consequences of all kinds, from intellectuals, even physical, social, and so on. In intellectual, because when you ask for an opinion, an idea or a personal response, cost you much work Darla. Physically, because anorexia is associated with the absence of the menstrual cycle, alters the functioning of hormones, increases your cholesterol … Continue reading “Consequences of Anorexia”

The Untold Story of the Relationship Between Psychology and Hypnosis

Psychology has been shaping its work with the aim of approaching the physical sciences, aspiring to gather empirical generalizations, to restructure them in more general laws and to weld these scattered laws forming coherent theories, you will find more of the subject in the following article: However, as shown by Yela (1996), psychology is “divided … Continue reading “The Untold Story of the Relationship Between Psychology and Hypnosis”

Psychological Consultations for Anxiety and Depression

The crisis increased psychological consultations for anxiety and depression. The money not only weighs in his pockets, also on the head of which sometimes I win sometimes you lose. The economic crisis and its consequences start to become itself a kind of pathology that requires those affected to sit on the couch. “I check in … Continue reading “Psychological Consultations for Anxiety and Depression”

Music Reduces Anxiety

Make listening to music while patients undergo a surgical procedure reduces anxiety and can even help your recovery, says a study. Research carried out at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, England, found that the quiet melodies and folk songs can have a calming effect on patients undergoing anesthesia who are awake during the operation. … Continue reading “Music Reduces Anxiety”

How to Manage Anxiety

In the popular imagination has created an image that links anxiety to negative circumstances, unpleasant and dangerous. However, also positive situations can cause a great deal of anxiety. Who has not felt anxious about the arrival of a baby or a promotion? And is that changes, whether positive or negative, tend to create fear and … Continue reading “How to Manage Anxiety”

Stress: Definition – Types – Degrees – Adaptation

Stress is natural and automatic response of our body to the situations that are threatening or challenging. Our life and our environment, constantly changing, requires us to continually adjusted, so a certain amount of stress (activation) is required. In general we tend to believe that stress is a result of circumstances beyond our control, when … Continue reading “Stress: Definition – Types – Degrees – Adaptation”