According to the National Statistics Institute, 30% of deaths are caused by this disease, making it the leading cause of death in Spain. And, arterial hypertension, which affects more than ten million adults in our country, increases the risk of…Continue Reading →

Symptoms of generalized anxiety

Generalized anxiety disorder is a medical condition that affects many people around the world. The symptoms of generalized anxiety is enough. Usually the patient is under stress, worry, obsess, and feels that he understands what will happen in the future,…Continue Reading →

Treatment for Anxiety

What is the key to treatment for anxiety? If you are seeking treatment for anxiety, there are essentially three options available: psychotherapy, drug treatments and complementary therapies. These treatment modalities are not mutually exclusive, in fact, for a speedy recovery…Continue Reading →

How to Control Anxiety

If you feel like anxiety and panic alter their physical and emotional, it’s time to take some steps. First of all, visiting a therapist is the best thing, a professional whom we can trust is the first thing we need…Continue Reading →

Anxiety Symptoms

If you reached this site looking for “anxiety symptoms” or some similar phrase, there is something very important to keep in mind: anxiety is not a single condition, but a generic term used for a group of related diseases. According…Continue Reading →

Obesity and social anxiety

Meanwhile, from the Center for Anxiety Disorders Specialized (CEETA) claim that obesity is closely related to social anxiety. Social Anxiety is based on the fear of not being socially accepted, since it is associated with loss of self esteem and…Continue Reading →