Why undertake ACLS recert?

When you have actually got a cushy job, most of the people do not like to go for any sort of health intervention that can actually help them to survive through this particular horrendous global economy. With the critical health…Continue Reading →

How much do patents cost? Part 3 of 3

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Skin-care Care For The Elderly

One area which is usually overlooked when it comes to incontinence problems in the elderly is the threats which it poses to the senior’s skin. The skins of the aged people are sensitive and are prone to severe damage and…Continue Reading →

A Mini Vacation With A Purpose

Sedona Sacred Journeys are “mini-vacations”, typically one to three days, which are custom tailored to help you overcome a problem. A Spiritual Teacher and Shamanic Healer will guide you on your retreat and take you to a vortex. A vortex…Continue Reading →