Complementary and Alternative Medicine

You probably have a basic understanding of how modern medicine: people make an annual check-up, take medicine when they are sick, have a cast if you break a bone, and come back as new. But in recent years other approaches to healing are increasing their popularity. Many of these techniques “alternative” from all over the … Continue reading “Complementary and Alternative Medicine”

Teas, herbal and alternative medicine for anxiety

Anxiety is a state characterized by an increase of the perceptive faculties to the body’s physiological need to increase the level of some element in that time was below the ‘right’, or conversely, fearing of losing a precious commodity. The anxiety is not always pathological or bad, is a common emotion along with fear, anger, … Continue reading “Teas, herbal and alternative medicine for anxiety”

Aromatic Water for Heartburn

The bitter taste in the mouth is a symptom of heartburn. Aromatic water consumption slows the effects of heartburn. These days, public services are more patient gastroenterology. In these days of excess, our body undergoes various chemical reactions product of them, like the bitter taste in the mouth, a symptom of excessive acidity. Aromatic water … Continue reading “Aromatic Water for Heartburn”

Phytotherapy and Menopause

Medicinal plants useful in menopause. When you pass 50, women begin to suffer from hot flashes or so-called “hot flashes” indicating that was the cessation of menstruation. There are a variety of natural products specially trained to help women to better withstand the menopause. Menopause has a number of hormonal changes in women that can … Continue reading “Phytotherapy and Menopause”

Artichoke Extract: Properties

The artichoke extract has properties very beneficial to humans, and therefore its use is recommended. I’ll tell you a little concerned about this product. The wild artichoke originated in Ethiopia and is currently used for therapeutic purposes. Since ancient times has been attributed to this plant many properties mostly related to the digestive process. Of … Continue reading “Artichoke Extract: Properties”