Exercise For Stress and Depression

The pace of life in today’s society is usually very fast, we are always behind in the rush, and we accumulate so many tasks that eventually ended up stressed or depressed. Depression and stress are conditions that seriously affect our body, affecting both the psychological and the physical. One of the best ways to combat … Continue reading “Exercise For Stress and Depression”

New Alerts About Using Sleeping Pills

Many people could be damaging their health by sleeping medications autorecetarse, warn scientists in the UK. Researchers at the Royal Pharmaceutical Society conducted a survey with 2077 people to get their sleep habits and sleep medication use in this population. They found that more than half think you have insomnia, undiagnosed, and taking medication without … Continue reading “New Alerts About Using Sleeping Pills”

Psychological Consultations for Anxiety and Depression

The crisis increased psychological consultations for anxiety and depression. The money not only weighs in his pockets, also on the head of which sometimes I win sometimes you lose. The economic crisis and its consequences start to become itself a kind of pathology that requires those affected to sit on the couch. “I check in … Continue reading “Psychological Consultations for Anxiety and Depression”