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Know the danger of insulin resistance?

A dangerous factor to health diagnosed increasingly in medical consultations, characterized by the onset of insulin resistance, which increases the likelihood of developing the disease known as Type 2 diabetes There is a fact that catches the eye in evolution…Continue Reading →

Lose weight sleeping, is it possible?

Not only is it possible, it is scientifically proven that sleeping less than six hours severely impact our bodies, and especially in the processes that regulate weight control, making our efforts to control or lose weight vanish. According to a…Continue Reading →

Overweight affect women’s memory

Obesity is dangerous for women’s memory. According to a study at Northwestern University in the United States, overweight affect memory in older women. This could open new doors for future research. A recent study by the American Northwestern University have…Continue Reading →

Obesity and social anxiety

Meanwhile, from the Center for Anxiety Disorders Specialized (CEETA) claim that obesity is closely related to social anxiety. Social Anxiety is based on the fear of not being socially accepted, since it is associated with loss of self esteem and…Continue Reading →