Artichoke Extract: Properties

Artichoke Extract
Artichoke Extract

The artichoke extract has properties very beneficial to humans, and therefore its use is recommended. I’ll tell you a little concerned about this product.

The wild artichoke originated in Ethiopia and is currently used for therapeutic purposes. Since ancient times has been attributed to this plant many properties mostly related to the digestive process. Of the artichoke are used for therapeutic purposes leaves which prepare the extract.

For the preparation of this extract is also used a caffeic acid derivative known to have the utility cinarina assess and standardize the quality of artichoke extract.

Cynarin has the feature to increase bile formation, improve the release of bile by stimulating the gall bladder, is hepatoprotective and regenerating liver cells and decreases cholesterol levels in the blood.

It also has a well-known snack is very important when the extract is taken, if taken before food intake stimulates the digestive secretions and thus helps to bring up the appetite. If taken during or after to help achieve better digestion without bloating or gas.

Also, this extract acts as a mild laxative action by celerética, colagoga and mucilage content. The mucilage has the characteristic of softness in the intestine, improving and facilitating the intestinal transit. Also artichoke extract is diuretic properties among many more.

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