Cord Blood and Stem Cells

Cord Blood and Stem Cells
Cord Blood and Stem Cells

Living in healthy life is the best thing that you can have. With health, you are free to do everything, even when you want to dance, scream, sing, or run crazily. However, these things cannot be done if you fall sick.

Therefore, you are always recommended to maintain your health. A pregnant woman also has the same recommendation; especially it is because pregnancy is something fragile and needs more and more attention from you as the responsible mother.

After several months of taking care of the baby, the moment to deliver it finally comes. How aware are you that without delivering the baby, you will also deliver the components that can save the life of your kids or even you?

Cord Blood that comes along with the umbilical cord is the one that has plenty of stem cells. In the medical world, stem cells are the key for the breakthrough treatment against blood diseases.

It is called the regenerative medicine and stem cells are the major component from it. CD34+ stem cells are able to cure the deadly leukemia disease.

Once you store your cord blood, in the future if one of your relatives suffers the poor situation of blood disease, cord blood can be the one that heal and treat it. So, take this banking your cord blood method as your investment for the future life.

The Key to a Life Without Blood Disease Threat

When you are pregnant, you must often find yourself smile and laugh, each time you look at your belly and rub it. You know that inside of you, there is a small life that tries to grow and develop itself into a living creature.

By the time your pregnancy stage reaches the end, there is nothing can stop your emotion and expression. It is only the happiness that feel and when the baby comes, nothing that you can tell but grateful. But, do you know that when you give birth, you also deliver the key to your child’s future life and survival?

It can be said that you have no idea about what would happen to your children and yourself a few years from now. The disease may occur anytime without you even notice. Blood disease becomes one of the most dangerous illnesses that can happen to you and your family.

Therefore, before it occurs or appears, you have to have protection as early as you can. Cord blood is the key that you give when your baby was born. The umbilical cord and placenta is the source of this blood.

Within the cord blood, there are a high number of CD34+ and CD105+ stem cells. Up to now, there are over 20,000 patients who have been cured by these stem cells methods and the number continues to increase rapidly.

Incredible Regenerative Medicine

As a human, you have to thank the medical world for bringing so many methods and strategies, discoveries and inventions, tools and equipment, as well as treatment and medicine.

These are the components that have supported many people around the world. When a new disease is discovered, the scientists will try to break the code and finally come with their victorious invention. Among those discoveries, regenerative medicine becomes the breakthrough to defeat plenty of diseases.

When a woman gives birth to her baby, there will be umbilical cord and placenta as well. Cord Blood within these two components hold the key for the medicine, called stem cells.

These are the growth cells and once they are combined with other elements and used in blood transplantation, they are able to transform into specific blood cells. They will replace the damaged or broken cells to fight back the foreign components.

The reason why you want to bank your cord blood is because honestly, you can never tell what you and your children would become in the future. By saving your cord blood, your chance to survive any blood diseases that may occur will get bigger.

There are over 20,000 patients who managed to cure their selves with regenerative medicine using their own cord blood. So, perhaps it might be your turn to save your kids.

Banking the Cord Blood

You can be a good mother through many things. You teach your child to walk, you breastfeed her when she was a little girl, and you protect her each time she feels afraid because nightmares come to her. But still, no matter what things you have done, it is not enough.

Imagine that your daughter lay on the hospital bed because of some blood disease that attacks her. What can you do? You can do nothing but cry and hope for the best.

Being a good mother requires you to prepare everything for your daughter. Her future is still in your responsible. So if you see this as part of your life, then you can always bank your cord blood before it is too late to be a good figure for your daughter.

Cord Blood comes from the time your little baby comes. By registering yourself to a cord blood bank, once the baby comes, the health provider will collect the blood in a non-invasive process. The bank management will come to collect in.

Once it is kept in the bank, your blood will be well preserved over the sterilized place and heparin-free bag. This way, it will last for years until one day, you decide to use it or waste it. You are free to discard it if you really sure that you no longer need it anymore.

Solution for the Unpredictable Future

The future is something that you cannot predict. Several days from now, perhaps you will win a lottery card. This is good. But, what if several years from now, one of your family will have to face the blood disease due to some reasons?

This is a very terrible thing to happen, but what can you say. You do not have any idea whether it will come true or not. Before it really comes to live, you would better have some protection, so you would be ready when the day arrives.

Cord Blood Banking can be one of your solutions in facing blood diseases. There are at least 80 different blood diseases that can be cured by cord blood. This type of blood is derived when you give birth to your baby. It is collected from the umbilical cord, even though the doctors also recommend you to save the blood from the placenta, too.

Within this cord blood, there are enough numbers of CD34+ stem cells. These are the cells that are used in the blood transplantation as well as in the regenerative medicine.

With the presence of these cells, the body will be able to fight the disease back. It happens because stem cells are able to transform its cells to replace the damaged or broken cells, such as the red or white blood cells.