Using Treadmill and Elliptical While Suffering From Arthritic Knees

Using Treadmill and Elliptical While Suffering From Arthritic KneesStaying fit and mobile with arthritic knees is indeed a challenge these days as all the means available does not guarantee you completely satisfactory results – there are limitations to all.

There are three different types of arthritis that can happen to your knees – the most common one is osteoarthritis, another one is Rheumatoid arthritis and the last one is post-traumatic arthritis.

Physical exercises done regularly can whatsoever help you stay fit and active to some extent even with arthritic knees. Both treadmills and elliptical trainers are a good option for regular exercising routine. However choosing one among them depends on many factors which also includes the medical condition of your knees.

Pain in the joints often makes it difficult to run or perform any kind of exercises. Thus below given information will help you to decide as to which machine you should opt for while suffering from arthritic knees:

Relying on statistics:

According to the researchers and doctors, people with arthritic knees can get relief from the stiffness and pain if they do the right kind of exercise. Moreover the risk of arthritic knees can also be decreased if proper exercise of three days within a week is practiced. Osteoporosis is very common after 45 years of age, but the right kind of exercise can help you to get relief to a great extent.

Treadmills for arthritic knees:

Slow walk on treadmill for at least 15 minutes is highly beneficial for any arthritis patient. However the inclined motion of the treadmill can prove to be quite dangerous and thus must be avoided. If you are planning to get a treadmill for yourself then make sure to first read treadmill reviews here to make the correct choice.

Elliptical machines for arthritic knees:

Low stress exercises for people with arthritic knees are highly recommended by doctors and also physio therapists. A low stress exercise on elliptical trainer is considered as a good choice as both walking and cycling is considered quite healthy. It is a common thinking that working out on elliptical trainer might lead to pain in the joints for people suffering from arthritis.

Slow exercises will not cause any kind of pain and harm to the patients. In the gym ask your trainer to set the machine on very low resistance mode and if you wish to get an elliptical machine for your home then make sure to first read elliptical reviews here.

Understand your knees:

Thus using treadmill and elliptical machines on a low pace while suffering from arthritic knees is fine but decision between the two ultimately depends upon the user. You can work out on both the machines and check as to which one is more comfortable for you and does not cause strain to your knees.

But whatever mode of exercise you select, never push your knees beyond the limit just to lose some extra pounds as it might prove to be quite dangerous for you. Make choice after analyzing all the pros and cons.