Orthomolecular Medicine: Vitamin B9, B12, D and E

We talked about the “Ortomelcular Medicine.” Thus, you know what it is. It is an alternative to traditional medicine, which allows you to provide adequate nutrition to the body. It is this search for the body to an optimal concentration of substances.

For that reason is that we started talking about the substance. In this case, vitamins. The idea is to know each of them understand its importance and the risks posed by the lack of them.

Today we will talk of vitamin B9, B12, D and E. According diariosalud, these are your benefits.

Vitamin B9.

Form serotonin regulates mood, sleep, histamine, aids digestion and reduces the risk of heart disease. Its lack produces alterations such as anemia, insomnia, irritability, weakness and fatigue.

Vitamin B12.

Maintains healthy nervous system, prevents anemia, hearing impairment and prevents heart disease. Its lack produces these deficiencies, fatigue, depression, sleep disorders, nervousness, numbness of extremities, loss of memory.

Vitamin D.

Aids in the absorption of minerals, leading to calcium from bones to blood and maintains the health of the nervous system. Its deficiency results in osteoporosis, tooth decay, rickets, etc..

Vitamin E.

This vitamin is an antioxidant and with vitamin A, protects the lungs from pollution, relieves fatigue and cramps.