Euglycemic state and infections.

This is a small tribute to great scientists almost unknown in medical schools and homeopathic organizations today. So far, their contributions deserve recognition for understanding the real causes of acute and chronic diseases and therefore for proper treatment.

‘The history of mankind is an immense sea of ​​errors in the hidden truths that can be found here and there.’ Cesare Beccaria Bonesana 1738-1794

In today’s world, it is very difficult to get food without additives, preservatives, pesticides, synthetic supplements, sugar and all kinds of artificial substances, the so-called enriched meal.

According to William Duffy, if the original FDA have helped make it relevant for which it was created, no doubt, we would have a better health today (1). But the sad reality is that only a few gain an inordinate amount of money in contrast to the majority who do not have their daily bread: it is a tragedy. The role of nutrition in maintaining and sustaining a real immunity has been ignored or not fully understood. Doing a thesis of homeopathy on the postvaccination syndrome gradually this important aspect of healing emerged, first the outstanding contribution made by Dr. Benjamin Sandler MD., Nurtured logo found that rabbits never get sick of polio in the wild:
‘The authorities had noticed that rabbits are normally resistant to the virus of poliomyelitis. Dr. Sandler, observed in his studies that the blood sugar of rabbits was never less than 100 mg / dl. ‘(2)
But with this was possible iatrogenic hypoglycemia in laboratory conditions:
‘The animals showed evidence of infection D7E polio, 8 to 10 hours after intracerebral inoculation of the virus “(2). Under normal circumstances the daily amount of Vitamin C produced per day by rabbits, adjusted compared to that of a man of 70 kg., is between 1547-15820 mg., and under conditions of stress or infection can quadruple the synthesis ease. ‘ (3).

Then came the extraordinary work done by Professor Antoine Bechamp (1816-1908) (4). This outstanding contribution microzymas, with which began the understanding of the symbiotic relationship between organisms called germs and, in this case humans. Later work gave the foundation to Professor Gunter Enderlein (5) who found that all animal and plant cells contain tiny protein (microzymas). He also described ‘pleomorphism’ (or polymorphism) of micro-organisms. This means that a micro-organism with a non-pathological activity becomes pathogenic changing shape, but function, bacteria and fungi. This is contrary to the dogma of monomorphism of microorganisms invariant proposed by Pasteur (5).

As an example, I mentioned the polio and the importance of hypoglycaemia as a trigger, in addition to moderate or intense exercise, lack of proper nutrition and the paradox of polio vaccination like a great drama. Finally the work of Dr Weston Price DDS., Briefly described, their conclusions remain an unfortunate reality today.

KEY WORDS: Stress, iatrogenic, microzymas, pleomorphism and adaptation, symbiotic balance, hypoglycemia, maternal-fetal unit, hypothyroidism, paradox of polio vaccination, euglycemia, alternative treatments, effective, natural immunization, prevention.

Under the influence of stressors (atmospheric, emotional, physical, etc..) The body develops the adaptive response to stress. The stressors are combined synergistically, increasing stress. This may, in an ‘organism susceptible’, develop the disease. Are there any obvious stressors such as trauma, fears, loss of dear family or work, etc.., But what with the minor daily stressors such as poor diet, lack or excess of exercise? They are a huge stress when they occur every day.

One like Doctor trained in universities, faced with a patient with severe disease such as polio or rabies, one would be surprised to find that there are effective complementary treatments. This is the case with polio. To my surprise, I learned that when this disease was a common occurrence in the forties and fifties of last century, there were at least three approaches to prevent and / or cure, as well as homeopathy, naturopathy and other holistic approaches.

The first approach was the prominent contribution of Dr. Benjamin Sandler MD, an expert nutritionist. He discovered that if you want to prevent polio, rabies, tuberculosis, pneumonia, recurrent infections, etc.. you should avoid both extremes, hypoglycemia and the pathological hiperglcemia. Blood glucose plus oxygen are the two key ingredients which ‘constantly consumed in each tissue. For optimum efficiency throughout the body (and that includes ‘the brain’) the amount of glucose in the blood must be balanced with the amount of blood oxygen. If BG is constantly changing, then the result is hypoxemia. Hypoglycemia causes hypoxia in the tissues which can cause great harm! He went as far as I know, a unique prevention campaign during the summer of 1948. For four and a half months, the citizens of North Carolina followed his wise counsel and a specific diet,
‘So I came to a simple formula for preventing polio: eliminate sugar from the diet and foods that contain sugar, and reduce consumption of foods containing starch’. (2).
He wrote:
‘I can say without any reservation that such a diet, if followed strictly, within 24 hours can increase the immune status in the human body enough to fight the disease’ (2).
Were prevented almost 5,000 cases of polio.
‘During the summer of 1949 the North Carolina residents reduced their sugar intake by 90 percent and polio decreased in proportion’ [p.23 (12)].

‘There was no dietary prevention campaign during 1949, but one twelfth of cases reported, 229 of the 2,498 cases reported in 1948 -‘ (2), due to the fact ‘that the parents of Asheville recalled the dietary suggestions of 1948 and followed them in 1949 ‘(2).

After this campaign led by a man, he decided to publish his outstanding work in 1951. There are at least three major factors that can trigger polio:
a. Temperature: Epidemics occurred in summer (in addition, increased consumption of sugars and refined flour, for some epidemics were postvaccinal.). The cold temperature of the pools.
b. Exercise: moderate or severe
c. Thirst: the intake of soft drinks, ice cream or sweetened drinks, etc. (2). This increases the demand for glucose in tissues and thus perpetuating the reactive hypoglycemia.

The second approach done by A. Dr. Neveu MD., Was to give people just getting started simply polio but effective solution: 20 g of magnesium chloride. in 1 liter of water, suitable also for infants and elderly. These people were cured within 48 hours (6). They seemed to be safer and possibly protected only people who did not follow the recommendations, they got the disease.

Dr. Fred R. Klenner, M.D., became the third approach. The administration of massive doses of vitamin C every two to four hours by mouth, intramuscularly or intravenously to 60 patients affected by polio during the polio epidemic in North Carolina in 1948 who recovered without complications within three to five days. (7)
‘The Story of a case of polio
Although we were able to cure many cases of polio with massive doses of ascorbic acid, a single case demonstrates the value of vitamin C. Two brothers were sick with poliomyelitis. These two were given 10 boys and 12 grams of ascorbic acid by weight intravenously with a 50 cc syringe every eight hours for four times and then four times every twelve hours. They also were given one gram every two hours oral and on time. They recovered completely and both were athletic stars in high school and college. A third girl, a neighbor, under the care of another physician received no ascorbic acid. This child also lived. The young girl was still using crutches. ‘ (8)

A fundamental work

‘For the truth the words are simple’: Aeschylus (9)

The work done by Antoine Bechamp gives an understanding of the fallacy of vaccinations. He wrote:
‘In a healthy body microzymas act harmoniously, and our life is literally a fermentation regular. In the disease state, the microzymas not act harmoniously, and fermentation is disturbed, the microzymas or have changed their function or have been modified by any change of “millieu”. ‘ ‘To summarize, the microzymas are organized ferments, and they can under favorable circumstances produce bacteria. Under other circumstances they become builders of cells. All organisms “ab ovo” are created by them. To summarize, the cell, the bacterium itself, may again be microzyma, and so the microzymas are seen as the beginning and end of all the organization ‘(4) [Quoted from his latest book, The Third Element-written by ‘a man who must be regarded today as one of the founders of modern medicine and biology and who deserves a place as one of the giants of history of science’. Prologue (4)]

Professor Dr. Günther Enderlein (1872-1968) complement the work of Bechamp, describing in a more understandable:
‘When an individual is healthy, these microorganisms live together within the body in a mutually beneficial relationship, or symbiosis. However, any severe change or deterioration of the indoor environment, “millieu” of the body – where the pH of the blood becomes too acidic or alkaline due to poor nutrition, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, with the exposure to harmful chemicals or other factors can train on the other hand a non-harmful microbes evolve through specific stages of cyclical development in ways that produce disease, causing dysbiosis’ (an imbalance of intestinal microflora) in which the contents of the gut rot and generate harmful chemicals. ‘ (5)
His main work was titled Bacteria Cyclogeny, Berlin, 1925. (Available in English from Pleomorphic Product Sales Inc., website: Aided by dark field microscopy and using living blood, Enderlein was able to demonstrate with real evidence about the cycle microbiological origin and evolution. (5)

Both researchers said that the origin of the disease is internal (4) (5). This is key because, as we have seen, the so-called diseases are just an adaptive response to changing internal environment by various factors. The same idea is with the healing process in which the loss of pathogenicity of micro-organisms and restoration of homeostasis, ie a mutual and beneficial symbiosis is more than desirable.

Paradoxes of civilization

‘No progress without paradox’ Niels Bohr.

Now, consider the polio. Until the late nineteenth century did not have a polio epidemic behavior [page 55 (10)], while sugar consumption in the United States was
1820 £ 20 per person per year
Year 1890-1900 56
Year 1939 103

In the last year in other parts of China, sugar consumption was 3.2 pounds per person per year in Java: 11.6, Italy 21.3, Mexico 37.1, Netherlands 89.4, 102.9 Canada, Australia 114.5 (2)
More than 50 years before the polio vaccines were available poliovirus was spread among the population, but in most of the population, over 95% of patients had no symptoms some [p.28 (11)] even under epidemic conditions [p 18 (12)]. Most of the population may be naturally immune to the polio virus [p.18 (12)].

The small percentage of people suffering from polio is perhaps due to individual susceptibility to specific triggers – prior to immunizations: DPT vaccine [Page 29 (11)], (10), (12), (13) both vaccines, oral polio [(p.21 (12)] and virus-killed [p.54 (11)], efforts physical, malnutrition, cold, abandonment of breastfeeding, tonsillectomies, intramuscular injections of drugs, medications and / or vaccines [p.29 (11)], pregnancy [p.56 (10)], and hypoglycemia-(2) healthy carriers of the virus [p.29 (11)]. Because the virus remains in the throat of one to two weeks and feces at least two months [p.21 (12)]. The use of antipyretics could have played a role [p.29 (11)].

Epidemics were intense in the U.S. and absent in China, to make a more accurate description, Dr. Sandler wrote:
“The polio epidemics have occurred throughout the world in recent years in countries with high per capita consumption of sugar. Epidemics are unknown in countries with low consumption of sugar. The higher the sugar consumption the more severe the epidemic. ‘

Dr. Sabin tells how polio occurred among American troops in China, Japan and the Philippines even though there was an outbreak of polio among children and adults native to those areas where troops were stationed. A report of polio in the Philippines año1936 established that 16 of 17 patients with the disease in Manila were Americans’ (2). They had the benefits of civilization: consuming large amounts of ice cream, candy, soft drinks, cakes, etc..

While Dr. Sandler wrote:
‘He said that for every case of polio free during an outbreak there are approximately 200 healthy carriers of the virus (2). And these people have for several days, the polio virus in the intestinal tract and patients with acute paralysis. ‘

The paradox of the polio vaccine
“Truth wears no mask, does not seek recognition or applause, she just wants to be heard” (14)

“PREVENTION? One of the Cutter incident Disastrous was that cases of children who developed polio after vaccination were higher than might be expected, if the vaccinations had not been done at all. Moreover, as mentioned before, a cohort of carriers was created, which would further spread the disease among the population. “‘(15)

“The number of reported cases of polio following mass inoculations with the killed-virus vaccine were significantly greater than before mass vaccination. During 1954 273 cases were reported in Massachusetts in 1955 and 2,027 cases were reported – a whopping increase of 642% “[p.18 (12)]

“The federal Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recently conceded that the vaccine-live attenuated virus has become the dominant cause of polio in the United States today. In fact, according to CDC figures, 87 percent of all cases of polio in the United States between 1973 and 1983 (excluding imported cases) were caused by the vaccine. ‘ [P.21 (12)] ‘more recently, every case of polio in the U.S. since 1979 (excluding five imported cases) were caused by the vaccine. (And three of five people who caught polio during a trip abroad had been previously vaccinated against the disease.) “[P 22 (12)]
“In 1976, Dr. Jonas Salk, creator of the dead-virus vaccine used throughout the fifties of last century, testified that the vaccine-live attenuated virus (used almost exclusively in the United States since the early of the sixties) was “the main, if not the sole cause” of all cases of polio reported in the United States since 1961. “[p. 21 (12)]

“Our worst epidemics are now epidemics of vaccination in which more people are killed every year by” vaccinal diseases “that diseases that vaccinations intended to fight” written in 1957 (14)

In 1994 Dr. Stephan Cooter PhD., Wrote that 650,000 people had been diagnosed in the United States with the Post-Polio Syndrome (PPS) (16). In 2002 Dr. Richard L. Bruno, author of The Polio Paradox wrote:
“Post-Polio The Aftermath (PPS, Post-Polio Syndrome, The Late Effects of Polio) are unexpected and often disabling symptoms – overwhelming fatigue, muscle weakness, aching joints and muscles, sleep disorders, heightened sensitivity to anesthesia, cold and pain and difficulty swallowing and breathing, this happens about 35 years after the poliovirus attack in 75% of paralytic and 40% of non-paralytic” suffered” polio. There are approximately 2 million estadinenses who suffered polio and 20 million people worldwide. “‘(17).
In his book, he describes how to treat cold intolerance, insomnia, sleep apnea, sudden nocturnal muscle spasms, and hypoglycemia. Not surprisingly the cycle returns to the original as Dr. Sandler said, but with ongoing advice and changed:
‘People who have had polio need to conserve energy so as not to leave quickly exhausted. To walk less, use support devices (clamp (s), crutches, walker), stop activities before symptoms appear, and plan rest periods throughout the day. ‘ (17).
He also found striking similarities between the SPP, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, miagica encephalomyelitis, and fibromyalgia. (17)

The global total of polio cases is unlikely to exceed 3,500 cases reported during the year 2000 (18). Vaccination against poliomyelitis continues, intensified vaccination efforts during 2000, and in all ten countries where polio is still prevalent, doubled the number of rounds of vaccination. As a result, sustained vaccination campaigns worldwide in 2000 immunized a total of 550 million – nine out of ten children under five years, culminating in a period of five years with a total of nearly two billion immunized with the help of more than 10 million volunteers around the world (18).

I have tried to describe the evolution of Polio and its various triggers in a common sense. It’s just a disease with sequelae due to the illness itself and vaccinations. What about other diseases, vaccines and vaccine-Syndrome? Here, I’ll leave it to their own thinking and common sense.

Stress: another paradox of civilization

Today, this exaggerated intake as Dr TL Celave, M.R.C.P. had already described in 1974 in his book: The Saccharine Disease, is even worse. (9)

Some facts are as follows: Until recently I realized that some infants developed hypoglycemia a few hours after birth (which in itself can be a very stressful event). One of causes is in pregnant women with non-treated hypothyroidism. In fact, recent research has found that: ‘In summary, pregnancy is a strong goitrogenic stimulus for both mother and fetus, even in areas with only a moderate restriction of iodine deficiency. Maternal goitre formation is in correlation with the degree of glandular prolonged stimulus which occurs during pregnancy. In addition, a goiter formed during gestation may only partially back after childbirth, pregnancy is therefore one of the environmental factors that may help explain the higher prevalence of goiter and thyroid disorders in women compared with men ‘ (19). Among the many common symptoms of both conditions, hypoglycemia and depression are: nervousness, depression, anxiety with no known cause, exhaustion, drowsiness, insomnia, constant worry, mental confusion, forgetfulness [pag.204 (20)]. The cause for these complaints is the lack of oxygen and glucose in the brain [pag.64 (20)]. These symptoms may affect the mother and infant, causing complications. What is the quality of milk from the mother? More research would lead to a better understanding. Breastfeeding is a maternal ritual in which the infant receives all its “whole food”, ie love, care, compassion, joy and breast milk. But often you see that infants fed mother’s womb develop various ailments, colds, bronchiolitis, pneumonia, etc.. Although they are being breastfed, one might wonder if this natural defense is actually safer than giving protection we presume. What about the previous vaccination history of the mothers? If they were vaccinated, their immune system is suppressed because of one form or another (21). So we are not breastfeeding is providing the security that we have. On the other hand, ‘bottle-fed baby has a substantially higher probability of having a very long nightmare of diseases: diarrhea, colic, gastrointestinal and respiratory infections, meningitis, asthma, urticaria, other allergies, pneumonia, eczema, obesity, hypertension, atherosclerosis, dermatitis, growth retardation, hypocalcemia, tetanus, neonatal hypothyroidism, necrotizing enterocolitis, and the syndrome of sudden infant death. ‘(22).

Maintain or achieve optimal health condition is a constant struggle of factors for and against. The eustress, euglycemia, the eucapnia, the eukinetica, probiotics are: eugenic. (23).

Alcohol use among adolescents and adults is very high due to the fact that some researchers between 75% and 95% of alcoholics are hypoglycemic (24), and by the late Dr. Broda Barnes 75% suffer from hypoglycemic hypothyroidism (25). More than 60 million U.S. citizens suffer from hypothyroidism (26) and more than 55% of this population is obese.
Are these natural or iatrogenic in fact only?

The thesis on post-vaccination syndrome described by the miasma iatrogenic – unnatural – because of the suppression as 1.Terapéuticas and 2 subcategories. Vaccine. (27)

So then, the euglycemic state can be defined as ‘blood glucose not only be supplied continuously, but must be kept at an optimum level, around 80 mg / dl.’ (2) Each cell body depends on the glucose in varying proportions. Normally, cells in your brain and nervous system depend only on this level of glucose for energy. Hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia are states in which the cells do not receive the proper amount of oxygen. Thus, both ends are very harmful, finally developing hypoxemia and pro-inflammatory reaccciones of the adrenals in the production of histamine and serotonin (28). If the host has a poor nutritional status, recovery will be slow, and if she or he is under the influence of physical stress, emotional, or psychological stressors in addition to the external environment, then the ‘disease status is warranted simply’ be extremely difficult to regain a healthy condition again. Internal homeostasis is severely impaired; synchronously natural adaptive response which microzymas become hostile agents, pathogenic germs: begins. What we see as signs in the host – fever, anorexia, lack of energy – the natural response is to try to reverse the whole process, and ultimately ends up in congestion and exudation. When this fails, the specific disease germ is a natural consequence.

Suppressed the cause, suppressed the effect.

“Our consumption of sugar is not as voluntary – of over a hundred pounds of sugar we eat each year, 70 pounds are added to foods during processing” [page 62 (29)]. Y ‘the main ingredient in energy carbonated drinks, candy, ice cream and other sweets concentrated [page 61 (29)] is a substance empty – devoid of protein, calcium, iron, vitamin A and thiamine among others – just gives calories. Sugar increases oxidative damage overwhelms our pancreas and adrenal glands also produce excess free radicals in our body and steals minerals such as chromium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, and vitamins (B complex). inhibits our immune system and interferes with the transport of vitamin C ‘ (30) Finally ‘cavemen ancestors did not have access to a source of pure sucrose, refined, and we are not biologically adapted to deal with large amounts this disaccharide. We require carbohydrates in our diet, but not sugar itself. ‘[page 64 (29)]

Let me also mention the great work done by other scientists:
‘In the thirties, a researcher and dentist from Cleveland, Ohio, Dr. Weston A. Price, traveled all over the world – from the land of the Eskimos to the South Sea Islands, from Africa to New Zealand. His book “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration: A Comparison of Primitive and Modern Diets and Their Effects”, illustrated with hundreds of photographs, was first published in 1939.
Dr. Price took the whole world as his laboratory. His devastating conclusion, recorded in horrifying detail area after another, was simple. People who live under so-called delay conditions in primitive conditions had excellent teeth and wonderful general health. They ate natural foods, not refined their own region. As was imported refined foods, sugar, as a result of contact with ‘civilization’, the physical degeneration began in a way that was definitely noticeable in a single generation. “(1) (31)

1. Euglycemic state has a major role to prevent or help cure acute infections, and that prevention is our first target.
2. The paradigm of vaccination by Jenner and Pasteur started, and the prospect monomorfística of disease processes and can not be maintained and must relieve themselves in favor of a pleomorphic perspective described by Bechamp, Enderlein.
3. The symbiotic balance is a condition of mutual harmony. The breaking of the ideal condition leads to the appearance of reactive conditions with the disease as a side effect, and the status of pathogenic micro-organisms.
4. The Iatrogenic can be regarded as the real causes of the degeneration of the human race.
5. A state of optimal health of mother and infant is developed before and during pregnancy. Birth is a stressful event (40%) and pregnancy can have a strong goitrogenic stimulus for both mother and child. The quality of breast milk depends on this fact symbiotic. Supplementation appears to be an imperative to prevent or at least reduce the hypothyroidism and its devastating complications of this symbiotic maternal-fetal unit.
6. Looking at our past, we can find the answers for a better present and future.
7. Achieving and maintaining real immunity is easy: natural hygiene, proper diet with a healthy lifestyle. Vaccination offers an artificial and insufficient protection, as well as post-vaccination syndrome. The question of whether or not to vaccinate is also a matter of understanding and freedom and that ‘everything is simple when you know how. ‘
8. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
9. “The best vaccine against common infectious diseases is an adequate diet. ‘(The World Health Organization WHO.)

“Meals should be in the condition in which they are found in nature, or at least in a condition as near as found in nature. ‘: Hippocrates