How to Manage Anxiety

How to Manage Anxiety

In the popular imagination has created an image that links anxiety to negative circumstances, unpleasant and dangerous. However, also positive situations can cause a great deal of anxiety. Who has not felt anxious about the arrival of a baby or a promotion?

And is that changes, whether positive or negative, tend to create fear and anxiety. This is because we are forced to leave our comfort zone to deal with a situation partially unknown. Of course, at this point you’re wondering how to handle the anxiety generated by the changes.

Fortunately, there are some simple techniques to help you achieve your goal:

1. Write the causes of anxiety. What scares you? What consequences frighten you? In the worst case, what could happen? Write it all down and then re-read everything. What are real chances that your fears are verified? Surely you will find that you are exaggerating the consequences of change. In your mind you’ve created an entire film that undoubtedly is scary but very unlikely.

2. Breathe. When stressed, frightened or anxious our breathing tends to become choppy. So if you’re feeling particularly anxious, take a deep breath, count to 6 to 8 as you breathe and breathe out while. Repeat at least about ten times. You see that at the end you will feel much more relaxed.

3. Exercise regularly. Walking or running are great exercises for those who suffer from anxiety, especially if you choose a green and relaxing landscape as a backdrop. The hormones released during exercise not only allow you to feel more relaxed but also happier. When you’re feeling particularly anxious, simply starts a brisk walk through the trees or along the beach.

4. Search your positive memories. When you feel anxious because you usually concentrate in future situations that could destabilize. An excellent way to manage anxiety is to look into the past recalling situations where we felt secure and happy.

5. Avoid stimulants. For the duration of the transition period for the change, avoid the intake of nervous system stimulants such as coffee, cola, energy drinks and cigarettes. This way you will feel more relaxed.

Remember, change scares us because we see it as a huge “whole” threatening but if you divide it into small steps you will realize that it is not bad.