Psychological Consultations for Anxiety and Depression

Psychological Consultations for Anxiety and Depression
Psychological Consultations for Anxiety and Depression

The crisis increased psychological consultations for anxiety and depression. The money not only weighs in his pockets, also on the head of which sometimes I win sometimes you lose. The economic crisis and its consequences start to become itself a kind of pathology that requires those affected to sit on the couch.

“I check in my view an increase in cases of type of adjustment disorder with depression, anxiety or mixed since last year,” said this newspaper the International Xanit hospital psychologist Jose Antonio Camacho. These are psychological problems arising from a situation that expert’s call “stressful life event.”

Found in the tail of the offices of the Andalusian Employment Service to receive compensation for being unemployed is one example. Malaga accumulated more than 200,000 potential upset by being unemployed.

The most common symptoms are difficulty sleeping, concentration problems, irritability and even hyper vigilance, listed Camacho. The condition becomes worse when compounded by the traumatic factor.

Unable to pay the mortgage, evictions and abandonment by either spouse because of economic hardship is a situation that can worsen the diagnosis.

“We’re talking about post-traumatic stress,” psychologist Xanit defined. “They often have nightmares, physical or emotional reactions and behaviors of isolation,” he added.

Not wanting to go through the headquarters of the company they are working, stay locked at home and avoid contact with the outside are examples.

Those affected usually have between 30 and 50 years, according to experts who also observed a particular impact on women. “They are people with previous economic stability.”

The key is to change, according to the Zero Group analyst Helen Trujillo. “Circumstances change,” and this economic crisis is but a stage of change.

“In times of crisis psychoanalytic consultations are more work but an adverse situation does not produce a disease,” said Trujillo. “Any difficult situation reveals problems that already existed.”

The crisis does not cause disease, according to the thesis of this specialist. Rather the disease comes from the way in which it faces. Feel uncertainty or sadness is not synonymous with having a disorder. “Every situation requires a complex adaptive process,” he said. Moreover, “we are surrounded by an aura of negativism,” he warned.

The problem of patient usually has its origin in a wrong thought pattern to address the problems that lead to failure. Do not modify these behaviors still be there and lead to the same place. “It’s easy to think that everything is a macro issue and you can not do anything. But everything that happens has to do with ourselves, “he warns. And it starts improving decide.