Marriage and Couple Counseling Talk Therapy

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Many times those who are close desire change in something about others so their lives can be made a little bit easier.

While even close friends may see the need for someone to change, the person in need of the change may not agree and may even resist any expectations that they should change.

In most relationship therapy not everyone involved sees the need for change, many would think that therapy may not be effective unless both parties can agree change is needed. However, in my experience rarely do couples come into therapy with the clear understanding of where changes, growth and development needs to occur. The use of Emotional Focused Therapy enables change to occur as a part of the ongoing sessions. The changes will likely be gradual but recognizable for all of the parties involved.

Through their experiences in the sessions couples will begin to learn and understand how to make the needed individual changes, and they will also discover how these changes will benefit their relationship and personal development. This will allow them to see for themselves how the personal development they experience will improve their problems with communications and maintaining intimate relationships. As these experiences that take hold couples will experience more opportunity for connection to happen which can mean even better experiences in the future of the relationship.

Talk therapy will help people grow as individuals which will ultimately lead to stronger, healthier and more intimate relationships.

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