Obesity and social anxiety

Meanwhile, from the Center for Anxiety Disorders Specialized (CEETA) claim that obesity is closely related to social anxiety. Social Anxiety is based on the fear of not being socially accepted, since it is associated with loss of self esteem and depression-inducing thoughts, leading to inappropriate behavior.

The failure to correspond with certain body measurements makes people feel that predisposed to social anxiety, probably the end of suffering or exacerbate the picture. A person with social anxiety and obesity will be more conditional and will be more difficult to deal with situations that are not. Obesity and anxiety make a pernicious circle to be detected and treated. Some authors consider psychological factors as causes of obesity, other, however, believe it is a consequence of social discrimination against the obese. The truth is that a greater or lesser extent, are present and is essential knowledge and identification to be addressed if we want to succeed in treatment.

“Society has created a widely accepted physical stereotype regarding thinness and beauty and who does not adhere to it feels discriminated against and seen, which makes people feel in duty corresponds to a certain size or measurements, this reinforces feelings of inferiority, which ultimately are a basis for feeling anxious, which increases the predisposition to experience social anxiety, “says Gabriela Martinez Castro, Director of CEETA. Also from the CEETA added that “one of the symptoms associated with this type of disorder is due to increasing levels of anxiety also increases the hyperphagia (increased intake), which is the desire to eat more and richer as carbohydrates lowered anxiety levels. “