Dr. John Jain – Stages of Cryopreservation

The cryopreservation is the latest technique used in assisted reproduction, but also the most effective one, according to most experts. The interesting part about this new idea is that any woman can actually guarantee that she will have kids at some moment. To make it easy to understand, the technique implies freezing your eggs, whether you plan to get pregnant now or twenty years from now. It was first tested at the University of Southern California by a team of experts, including John Jain. The tests were encouraging, as the woman this technique was tested on got triple pregnant. These days, she raises three healthy kids.

The amazing results convinced Dr. John Jain to open his own center for cryopreservation. According to his own words, everyone has the right to start a family. Unfortunately, the wide variety of negative factors people are exposed to today often lead to infertility. This technique is appropriate for everyone, but especially for those who are aware of their problems. At the same time, any upcoming problems may cause infertility, no matter how healthy you are today. One such problem is the cancer. Whether it is mild or aggressive, the chemotherapy is harmful for the eggs and causes infertility. Preventing such problems is always smarter than having to find solutions for them.

When approaching John Jain to benefit from cryopreservation, there are a few stages you have to go through. First of all, your organism will be fully analyzed. It must be healthy, but small problems are often ignored if they do not interfere in the process. The patient is then evaluated. Just like any other medical technique, this one comes with some slight risks. In order to use it, the doctor must make sure that you can actually take it. Aside from the egg freezing techniques, every woman must administer particular medications. For instance, the ovulation stimulation is used to actually gain access to the eggs. The patient will be taught how to administer these treatments at home. In the end, she gets inside the ambulatory for the final procedure.

Currently, the success rate of cryopreservation covers about three kids at every hundreds of frozen eggs. The technique is not as effective as the conventional reproduction, but it gives you the chance to use this option later, even after a few decades. This is the main aspect that drew Dr. John Jain’s attention. The success rate also depends on the patient’s age.