Old home remedies for insomnia

You could say that insomnia is something that humans suffer from “the world began,” so that their struggle against him is not for little time, but a long battle.

Today we understand that sleep is related to the mind and brain, but before, precisely in the Victorian era was not paid attention to the mind. At that time did not relate to sleep with my mind but, for example, was linked with blood.

Some home remedies insomnia pair used were: alcohol (it’s not home, but was in safe houses), also opium, and used marijuana. Another of the tricks they used to prescribe the Victorian doctors were hot baths, but also cold. And some recipes drink something cold, hot drinks when others recommended.

The walks were also recommended, especially the long walks, go barefoot even recommended. Another strange advice was filled soap head to the hair root and go to bed, then wash the next day.

One tip I know that even today is used is: do not drink tea after 6 pm, and this seriously because we know the area is exciting. With respect to the other, there are several other very interesting and very funny, right?