Overweight affect women’s memory

Obesity is dangerous for women’s memory. According to a study at Northwestern University in the United States, overweight affect memory in older women. This could open new doors for future research.

A recent study by the American Northwestern University have found that those older women who are obese may come to view affected his memory.

As reported in this study were analyzed about 9,000 post-menopausal women, aged between 65 and 79 years, with normal cognitive abilities. The test reported that overweight women in this group had suffered a further deterioration in their memory capacity.

Although these values ​​are not yet indicative, who carried out the study say that this could become an interesting research vein for the coming years.

Every reason to believe that the studies will be deepened, especially with regard to the relationship between obesity, a high body mass index and cognitive abilities and memory of the people studied. Have not provided data on the male.