Say No to Headaches with Saridon

Saridon is a very efficient analgesic and has been in the market since a long time. It is one of those analgesics which have earned a reputation for being one of the fastest pain killers. Users who have been sticking to Saridon have been able to bid goodbye to their pain in a matter of few minutes.

Saridon makes smart use of a triple action formula. The triple action formula refers to the combined action of the three important components of Saridon. The main components of Saridon responsible for the quick action of this drug are paracetamol, propyphenazone and caffeine. Each of these components has their own defined and distinct role to play and their joint action makes Saridon an extremely popular and effective drug in killing pain. Paracetamol which is contained in the maximum amount that is 250 mg is a powerful analgesic and is used to alleviate the pain. It is also known to bring down fever which may be accompanied with intense pain. Propyphenazone is present in lesser amount as compared to paracetamol but serves an extremely useful purpose. The 150 mg of propyphenazone is responsible for initiating the action of this drug.

It is propyphenzone which is to be credited for the quick action of Saridon. Propyphenazone begins work almost instantaneously and after the action has begun, paracetamol further alleviates the pain and eases the troubles. Last but not the least; caffeine is used to better the efficiency of both these drugs. Research has proved that caffeine if used in small amount has the power to improve the efficacy of the analgesics. It also helps in ensuring that the impact lasts for relatively longer time. Thus, the amount of caffeine used has been limited to 50 mg.

Hence, Saridon is one of the well prepared analgesics as each of the main components has a distinct role to play. They can be bought even without the use of a prescription. Although, a few side effects can be present with the use of these drugs; but they are not so serious. Even then, one should make it a point to check that they are not allergic to any of the components which are a part of Saridon and then use it to cure the nagging pain which may be deterring the performance levels.

Headache can be a serious delimiter and thus, one should try and find the best analgesics which can be of help. Saridon definitely fits the equation.