Children Diagnosed as Hyperactive may Suffer Anxiety

Children Diagnosed as Hyperactive may Suffer AnxietyUnfortunately, there are many children diagnosed disorder attention deficit, and that has to do with a new way to have doctors and psychiatrists in Puebla and in any State to describe and classify diseases. I recommend you read the following article:

How do you define the ADHD?

-In attention deficit disorder, the child you hardly concentrate, you cannot follow a reading or a sequence of play commensurate with their age and moves without reason. I say “according to their age” because young children, of two or three years, it is normal that your attention is short and take a reading to another or from one game to another.

What is the cause of this disorder?

-Unfortunately it has focused on a single cause: a possible brain disorder. But in a large percentage of children diagnosed attention deficit disorders, the causes are not neurological, but emotional. As evidenced by neuroscientists who know children and their family and social environment and that are in contact with their psychiatrists and psychologists.

What refers?

-Many children diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity syndrome are suffering from a situation of family anxiety disorder, and respond with a symptom: they do not serve, not concentrate. In such cases, treat them with not only medication is not indicated, but is harmful, because apparently they improve, apparently they can concentrate more, but the real reasons why fail to your attention are not discussed.

What is the treatment when there is a neurological disorder?

-It consists of making psychotherapy to the child and parent interviews to find out what is what has caused this hypermobility and that excess of anxiety in the child. It should be breakouts to the small in which, through the game or drawing, can express conflicts “is showing us” through it’s «cannot be a quiet minute».
Because when we see for the first time a child with hyperactivity and attention deficit, found to have failures in the care and learning, but that, in reality, and even if you do not know it consciously, is very attentive to the concerns of his inner world. These conflicts will produce anguish and its unique way of expressing it is continuously moving, touching things without reason, sleeping poorly and with other symptoms that are included in this syndrome.