10 Tips to Reduce Stress

10 Tips to Reduce StressStress is the response of the organism to changes. It is something very individual. A situation that a person is stressful, I cannot be worried at all to another person. For example a person may be tense while driving; another person is driving a source of relaxation and pleasure. Something that causes fear for some people, such as climbing, can be fun for others. There is no way to say that something is “bad” or “stressful” since each is different.

However, not all stress is bad. Speaking in public or see a football match may result in stress. But it’s also fun. Life would be very boring without some stress. The key is to manage stress in the manner intended, since inappropriate responses are those that can lead to health problems in some people.

What does the stress?

You can produce anger, fear, excitement, or despair
You can make it harder to sleep at night
You can produce of head, neck, jaw and back pain
You can do to increase the consumption of cigarettes, alcohol, food, or drug
** May even not be warned by the person, while the Agency continued to suffer

General recommendations to deal with the stress

** Take 15 to 20 minutes a day to sit quietly, breathe deeply and think of a pleasant image
** Try to accept things that cannot be changed. One cannot solve all the problems of life. Talk about your problems and get something positive out of any bad situation to stare
** Exercise regularly, in particular what you like: walking, running, swimming, cycling.
** Limit your intake of alcohol, food and its consumption of cigarettes
** Think of things you annoying and try to avoid them
** Think about their problems and try to solve them one by one
** Change the way when faced with difficult situations. Be positive, not negative
** Learn how to say “no”. Do not promise too much. Take the time to do things well done.

10 ways to relieve stress

1 Breathe deeply several times. This causes you to breathe more slowly and relax the muscles.
2 Exercises. Go for a walk during the day
3. Think positive. Remember the good things that are in his life.
4. Count to ten. This makes take a break and relax before you react to the situation that causes stress.
5. Make stretching. Muscle stretching produces your relaxation and the feeling of being less tense.
6. Get massages intense muscles. The muscles of the neck, the neck and the upper part of the back are tenser when one is stressed. A massage helps their relaxation.
7. Take a shower or a bath with hot water. This helps to relax the muscles.
8 Listen to good music. It also helps to relax.
9. Talk to your family and friends about their feelings. It is important that others know how you feel so that they can help.
10. Ask for help when you need it. If you do not sleep well, you head, neck or back pain, consult your doctor.