Dealing With Drinking

DEALING WITH DRINKINGThe alcohol that we know today and the popularity of its consumption is almost an inflated exaggeration of the modest beginnings of alcohol as part of the social experience. We saw a lot of alcohol abuse in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, but the resurgence of population with people using alcohol as a coping substance is truly alarming. What is it about drinking that we enjoy so much, to the point that the love of alcohol becomes a disease we have to deal with?

Delving into the intricacies of human nature, alcohol seems to work hand in hand with the human quest for constant stimulation. At best, alcohol is a great digestive aide and can be a truly enjoyable tasting experience with mild stimulating effects.

At worst, alcohol has been the catalyst for bad decisions, harmful behaviors and even death. Is there a fine line between an alcoholic and someone that likes to drink? Some say yes, others say no. the use of alcohol in food and from a culinary perspective is widely accepted. Some people love getting drunk while they are eating as they consider it part of the celebration of the food consumption experience. Are these people alcoholics?

How do they differ from the folks who flock to liquor as a means of escaping reality or summoning a false sense of confidence? It is scary to see just how dangerous over consumption of alcohol really is. What was once just someone who got a bad case of the giggles can swiftly turn into unbridled violence. Alcohol addiction ruins lives – pure and simple.

You don’t even have to drink yourself but if someone within your family is an alcoholic, they affect your greatly and often negatively as well. We have to make better choices where alcohol is concerned. Alcohol rehab with Valleyhope is one of the best things you can for yourself.

To kick the habit we must first admit there is an addiction to begin with. Here are two reasons you should enter into rehab today if you’re suffering with alcoholism:

The family circle, repaired.

Alcoholics are miserable and there is truth in the saying that misery loves company. Alcoholics do not know how to socialize without alcohol or with people who are sober. It makes them nervous and feel inadequate. Sometimes the people that an alcoholic is trying to escape make up their family. Most families deal with alcoholism and alcoholics in extreme ways – they ignore it completely, they over analyze it unprofessionally or they support it out of a desire to hold onto a person. Families are literally torn apart without rehabilitation because there is no professional help being afforded. Unless you’re a doctor, you’re not and you as an addict and your family will need help.

Body, mind and soul.

To the body, prolonged alcohol exposure is disastrous. The slew of alcohol related injury that occurs to the human body is astounding, from as simple as diabetes to full on cirrhosis. Alcoholism is best treated in a rehab with the appropriate professionals who will not only look at the mind, but look at the body as well.