Calcium in The Diet also Helps Weight Loss

Apart from the many advantages of calcium intake for our body, many nutritionists advocate its value to lose weight and eliminate fat.

Calcium intake is associated with a lower body weight and decreased weight.
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The reasons why dairy consumption may play a role in regulating body weight are unknown but many scientific studies make their proposals:
Proposals calcium nutritional weight loss:

* An adequate calcium diet suppresses intracellular adipocyte (fat) and increased lipolysis (fat burning).
* Calcium may alter the metabolism of fat (Melanson et al., 2003) and / or increase the fecal excretion of fat (promotes intestinal transit and the elimination of fat).
* It has been quantified that a diet that includes calcium diet can make 5.2 grams of fat per day, 47 kcal per day and 2 to 4 kilos of weight per year.
* Increased intake of dairy products, can improve appetite control. This hypothesis suggests that the body may have a need for calcium and a diet low in calcium (<600 mg / day of calcium) may increase the motivation to seek and choose other foods that SUPLAN, which leads to more eating.
* Other studies (Wennersberg et al, 2009; .. Yanovski et al, 2009) that have been cast on different groups of people have shown that calcium intake through dairy supplements affect weight loss unless combined with a hypocaloric diet (Zemel, 2008).

In general, what it has been demonstrated is that regular consumption of low fat dairy can help prevent or delay the typical weight gain observed with age.

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