The Relationship Between Sleep Apnea and Oral Health

Sleep apnea is caused by a relaxation in the muscles responsible for maintaining the airway permeable, which hinders the passage of air and causes a vibration in the soft tissues that support the snoring. This can lead to serious health problems such as hypersomnolence, fatigue, generalized, leading to degenerate, in some cases, depression. It also increases the risk of vascular disease, neurological and metabolic importance and gravity.

Regardless of symptoms, the best method to assess and quantify the cases of apnea is CPAP, which is the establishment of positive pressure air through a pressure control unit that the patient has to take from a night.

Another option to improve the hours of sleep in these patients is through oral devices tailored for each person for nighttime use. This should promote a correct position of the jaw during sleep, which in turn will help to produce a greater intake of air.

another breakthrough dental help fight this disease is? ApneaLink? Which uses a capsule to submit the form nasal breathing? Giving the opportunity to give a personalized treatment that suits the conditions of each question.