4 steps to reduce air pollution

Health NewsProtecting our environment starts at home. The following recommendations are designed to reduce air pollution through simple steps you can implement in your home.
Replace the five most frequently used lights in your house with light bulbs with the ENERGY STAR. This way you will use less energy and do your part to reduce pollution from power plants. There are over 40 products with the ENERGY STAR, including lights, electronics, air conditioner and heating appliances.
Improving the performance of your air conditioning system. Contact a licensed contractor for annual maintenance and remember to clean or replace air filters regularly. Use a certified ENERGY STAR programmable thermostat.
The windows and doors with slots, cold walls or ceilings and high energy bills are symptoms of air leaks (usually in the attic and basement) and poor thermal insulation. Seal air leaks, add insulation and choose ENERGY STAR qualified windows when replacing old windows. That way will improve the comfort and durability of your home, save energy and help to protect our environment.
Talk to your friends or relatives, colleagues or members of the association of parents of school. Discuss how energy efficiency is good for their homes and good for our environment. Let them know five people together and help our homes help us all.