7 tips for healthy egg hunt

Food and NutritionFind eggs for Easter Day can be fun, but also dangerous if used perishable foods like eggs.
The Department of Agriculture United States offers the following tips to
If you plan to eat boiled eggs that have decorated sure to use a color assigned for use in food.
Some people make two sets of eggs, one to decorate and hide and the other to consume. Or you can use plastic eggs for hiding.
Avoid breaking the egg shell to use when searching for Easter eggs. If the shell is broken, bacteria can enter and contaminate the egg.
Also, try to hide hard-boiled eggs in places where land is protected, pets and other sources of bacteria.
Keep boiled eggs in the refrigerator until just before the time of use for the egg hunt.
The total time for hiding and hunting eggs should not be more than 2 hours. Be sure to refrigerate immediately then “found” eggs until eaten.
You must dispose of the eggs found hours later or the next day. Do not eat!