Keep the Memory Over the Years

The widespread belief that memory loss is common over the years is a mistake. According to experts, old age is not only synonymous with loss of memory, if not the opposite, is synonymous with ability to select moments and experiences in life that we keep in our memory and to help us live better.

What is certain is that you can go into disrepair. But there is no reason for alarm if you exercise regularly and appropriately, we can stop this process effectively and selectively. Want to know where the key?

although marketed drugs to improve attention, the fact are that there are none specific to memory care. So far, the technique is most effective and recommended conducting a series of exercises with a constant frequency, allowing the motor system to store new knowledge and experience, or remember existing ones. It is simpler than it seems, with making any crossword puzzles, reading or memorizing poetry is enough, yes, provided it is not a repetitive routine.

Finally, remember that forgetfulness is a common and natural among all people, and even necessary for our survival. Only problem becomes serious when it interferes with daily life in these cases it is necessary to seek medical advice.