Work habits that cause overweight

Work habits that cause overweightA job change may be accompanied by a weight increase. Or so say some workers. According to a survey by CareerBuilder, 44% of American workers said they gained weight in their current job. And identifies, in the workplace, the main causes of those unwanted extra kilos:

1. Too much time sitting.
54% of respondents attributed her weight gain to be sitting at your desk most of the day. 56% did not even leave his job for lunch, but does so at his desk.

2. Stress Eating.
The 37% of workers say that the level of stress impairs their eating habits.

3. Eating out.
20% believed that eating out regularly is one of the causes of their weight gain.

4. Skipping meals.
The 19% of workers say they miss meals for lack of time.

5. Celebrations.
The celebrations in the workplace are also identified by 18% of respondents as a cause of excess weight and calories.

6. The candy jar.
16% felt that the candy jar is a temptation that contributes its weight gain.

7. Pressure coworkers to eat.
The 10% of respondents said they feel pressured by your officemates to try the food they bring.

Have you gained weight because of your work? What do you think are the main reasons?