Why You Should Go For Psychotherapy From Dr. Samuelle

If you are weighed down with some problems, concerns or worries in your life, either personal or professional then you can speak to a licensed psychologist like Dr. Samuelle Klein Von Reiche. A lot of people seek the help of only the best psychologists in order to sort out their problems and help them find the solutions to it and so should you. Dr. Samuelle is also known as Dr. Sam in short, she is the right go-to person for your problems because she has completed doctoral level education which enabled her to acquire a license for independent practice.

She has her office at Clifton, New Jersey. Her primary objective is to provide her clients with the best the field of psychology can offer. She is different from other psychologists because she does not only stick to the regular methodologies and practices, she deviate from conventional methods in order to discover better ways to obtain the desired results in a shorter period of time. The problem with approaching psychologists is that people generally tend to think that they are quite passive and they simply sit there while the patient jabbers about his/her problem. Dr. Sam isn’t like that because she is a highly active participant in the treatment process of the patient. She never allows her patient to feel alone, but reassures them that they have her to combat the problems together.

Unlike traditional psychologists, Klein Von Reiche doesn’t focus on bad feelings alone because nothing good comes out of that. She encourages her patients to focus on good thoughts as well. Her treatment plan is quite effective and has fetched highly impressive results because it is multi-faceted. This means that it is much more than just a talking session. Some of the aspects of her treatment are neurofeedback or brain training, meditation, yoga, acupuncture and recommendation of supplements to tackle excessive stress, for managing one’s mood and low motivation.

One of the distinguishing factors about Dr. Sam is that she is extremely real. Therefore you won’t be sitting opposite to a grim or stone-faced psychologist listening to you while you talk on and on. She shows sadness when her clients are in pain and also laugh along with them when celebrating their success.