Why is this The Absence of Menstruation?

The absence of menstruationoccurs when there are no menstrual period and may be primary.

When the absence of menstruation occurs before age 16 is high, ie, occurring at the right age, but stops for more than three cycles.

When there are times that is not present period, it is normal to think of a pregnancy, but there are other causes that make the delay period.

Although dependent on the cause, the general symptoms that accompany the loss of menstruation, are:


-Production of milk without pregnancy

-Increase or decrease in heavy.

Loss of vision.

-Vaginal dryness.

-Growth of hair


Voice changes and the size of the breasts and

-Cyclic pain without bleeding.

It must be said that the delay may be normal, if there is presence of features associated with puberty, like breast development. When the delay is not normal to have and presents a primary amenorrhea may be due to congenital defects of the female reproductive tract, absence of the membrane of the hymen or problems having to do with the hypothalamus and pituitary.

At the time of secondary amenorrhea, may be due to the dramatic weight loss, eating disorders, stress and anxiety, weight gain or obesity, hormonal imbalance, as occurs, for example, polycystic ovaries, disorders endocrine diseases such as thyroid or pituitary tumors.

You may also be due to the placement of systems such as the IUD contraception, excessive exercise, menopause, premature ovarian failure, use of contraceptives, especially oral and uterine scarring.

If the absent menstruation is due to obesity or dramatic weight loss, you should ideally follow a proper diet to the case. However, if it’s caused by excessive exercise, it will be advisable to adjust the fitness program.