Lower back pain relief for women

Lower back painis very common in women and there are several reasons for it apart from kidney problems and strain on the tissues and ligaments of the back. An imbalance in nutrition plays an important role in causing this pain as does the change in lifestyle and stress at work and at home. This lower back pain has become such a common occurrence that most women simply take painkiller and pretend like as though it’s not even there. This simply causes the pain to worsen and increase and in some cases become chronic which may lead to serious conditions. In these cases all you want is lower back pain relief.

The human spine is the main nerve structure which connects the brain to the rest of the body. Hence it is also considered the most important part of the body. This structure is quite flexible. However, the muscles of the back are just the opposite. They are quite weak and may be further weakened by bad nutrition and other factors. Due to these weak muscles, the spine will then be unable to remain in place which causes this lower back pain.

There are both primary and secondary causes of lower back pain in women. Primary pain is generally caused due to spine injuries or other issues such as microscopic tears in the tendons and ligaments or muscles. Secondary back pain, on the other hand may be caused due to different injuries such as problems related to internal organs, tumors and even osteoporosis, which is the deterioration of the human bones. Tumors that cause lower back pain are usually malignant or benign which means they are not cancerous. One is advised to do a CT scan to accurately determine the cause of this pain.

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Other causes of this pain in women could be improper posture while sitting, standing or sleeping. The amount of time spent in sitting in front of a computer or driving could also determine the cause of your pain. Long hours of physical labor or bad workouts are other causes of this pain. Obesity too, often leads to lower back pain, due to one’s extra body weight. Other causes of back pain in women may be pregnancy and menopause. Menopause often leads to the development of osteoporosis which is another cause of severe lower back pain.

Women by nature are quite dainty and gentle. Hence, if the back muscles are not strengthened from the beginning, the risk of being a victim of lower back pain is present even if the other various symptoms are not.