Opening the Window for Global Healthcare Opportunity

Not every patient is financially prepared for the bills when being hospitalized or the medications in case of treatments. Not every person is financially capable to handle these costs and a few would rather discreetly endure the pain than to carry the burden of debt just because of financial obligations. This is only one view of the reality that the world is now demanding quality health services at prices more affordable to patients.

In 2007, a person recognized the need for global health care assistance because in some cases, medical treatments and procedures in some countries around the world are actually of the same quality and at a lower cost. Steven Lash established Satori World Medical for the betterment of patients’ lives. The principle behind this organization is to provide patients the chance to be treated health-wise and financial-wise.  At present, Satori World Medical is regarded as the leading medical tourism organization in the healthcare industry.

Satori World Medical began through a business plan conceived by Steven Lash who is the founder and current Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Steven Lash Satori has designed a program that will consent to sharing of savings from the medical treatment. The organization has made a commitment to provide access to great quality healthcare to people. It has established a network of facilities in Canada, Mexico, Philippines, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Thailand, Turkey and Singapore. Through these connections, patients can be provided a wide range of options regarding the kind of procedure.

Medical tourism is definitely enhanced by the Health and Shared Wealth Program™ which allows percentage sharing of expenses and savings for the patient. The entire medical expenses covered during the international medical travel can be divided among health plan providers, employees, employers and plan sponsors. This is of great assistance to those who do not have enough savings to pay for their treatment. With subsidized payments, Satori World Medical is definitely a window of global health opportunity.

Satori Patient Travels to Puerto Rico for da Vinci® Surgery from Satori World Medical on Vimeo.