What is Bacterial Vaginosis?

It is a disease that affects the genitals. Bacterial vaginosis is an infection of the vaginal discharge, making it look dark and gray with a strong odor.

This infection is caused by various bacteria affecting genital organs, but unlike vaginosis not produce inflammation of the vagina.

It usually occurs quite frequently and usually with as many women embarazadas.Todo the world can become infected because the bacteria that causes it is often found in our body. This disease is not a sexually transmitted disease.

Although there is some specific factors that cause, yes you can list a few that may favor infection.

As we said in the case of pregnant women and in those taking birth control pills. Furthermore, in cases of overweight, diabetes, stress or inadequate hygiene. This type of infection also tends to increase when taking an antibiotic or having a sexually transmitted disease.

Symptoms in women are usually strong odor and flow with a darker tone. To diagnose the disease is usually done by a vaginal smear, and in some cases, a crop. Their treatment is not complicated, as is usually sufficient to apply some cream or pessaries. If the infection persists is often used an oral treatment.

As already mentioned, usually occurs when associated with other diseases or problems so you must apply the appropriate treatment for such diseases if they want to prevent. Proper hygiene is also a good preventive measure.

In cases of pregnancy, but usually occur more often, there is no risk to the baby, although the doctor may advise us in such cases treatment should be expected and delivery.