Ordering Hydrocodone online legally is possible

Hydrocodone is a medication for moderate to severe pain. Hydrocodone is always mixed with another drug, usually acetaminophen (Tylonol) and it goes under the names of Lortab, Norco and Vicodin.

Hydrocodone can be habit forming and people who have no pain will take Lortabs or Vicodin to get high. They are popular street drugs. This can be dangerous, not only to the drug addict, but to the innocent person who really needs the medication.

Many people who live in urban areas prefer to buy hydrocodone online so their prescription medicine is not stolen from them as they leave their local drugstore.

If people who abuse drugs know someone has a hydrocodone prescription, they will wait till that person goes to the local drug store and then either rob them on their way home from the drugstore or wait and break into their house at night. It’s no wonder people are leery about getting their prescriptions  locally, it can be dangerous in certain neighborhoods.

Of course, it is less expensive to buy hydrocodone online. It  is safer and more convenient to shop online so many elderly and infirm people who need pain medications do so and they keep the fact that they have the medication in their home private. They stay safer this way and save money on their needed medications.

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