Coping with Heat Stroke in an Infant

Coping with heat stroke in an infantThe parents are obliged to recognize when we are faced with a possible case of heat stroke, especially when symptoms are obvious and our baby is shown dazed, with warm skin and headache .

We have prepared some recommendations to curb heat stroke in the baby and avoid the consequences of their illness.

Heat strokes are usually manifested in young children who are often exposed to a higher temperature. The living environment is an important factor for the development of our children , so exposing them to a completely different habitat and warm can be a constant risk.

The main symptoms of heat stroke are reflected notoriety with the child is dazed, warms the skin and veins swell more than normal. The baby’s body temperature also recorded a higher rate of fever (up to 39 degrees), which at any moment could cause fainting.

You need to act immediately when our baby has a heat stroke, but it is especially important to stay calm and focus our attention in the next movements will. The first step is to find a cool and ventilated, and rehydrate the baby orally.

The wet cloths relax body areas with higher temperature (neck, wrists, belly, front), while the feet should be placed on the ground to assist in fanning and sweating. Although improvements occur soon, it is always good to seek the assistance of a specialist.