Europe Sought Strategies to Combat Diabetes

 Europe sought strategies to combat diabetes Diabetes has reached extreme levels of global epidemic, killing 325,000 people annually in Europe alone. The European Parliament and the Parliament have called for the creation of an EU strategy to prevent the risk of diabetes in thousands of Europeans.

Early diagnosis of diabetes is one of the issues that most impact in Europe, where there have been lately around 32 million cases. Thus deputies in collaboration with the European Union (EU) have taken the initiative to develop a campaign of prevention, education and research for diabetes.

This important resolution will include a number of countries that have not yet planned campaigns and strategies to reduce the rate of patients by diabetes . Among the most important orders underscores the strong need to strengthen collaboration between different European countries.

To meet this objective, the European Parliament (EP) believes that the European Commission has the responsibility to present harmonization criteria for data collection and decrease the level of an epidemic that kills 325,000 people annually.

What you did not know, diabetes generates 10% of health spending in Europe, an amount that has considerable growth expected towards 2030, where it is expected that overall spending will increase to 16%. Currently the diabetes type 2 has become the most common disease of thousands of Europeans, that product of a poor diet and overweight cover 90% of cases.