Exercise is a good Cure for Alzheimer

Exercise is a good cure for AlzheimerA scientific study published in the Archives of Neurology raises an interesting hypothesis about preventing disease Alzheimer’s , suggesting that routine physical activity such as walking and daily could help considerably to reduce the risk of Alzheimer .

A group of researchers at Washington University in St. Louis (USA) just made public the findings of a recent study of more than 200 people between 45 and 88 years, revealing that physical activity becomes a critical factor in avoiding the risk of getting a disease like Alzheimer’s .

Those skilled in the research study were responsible for each patient genomes in order to evaluate the dementias in the human brain component known genetic APOE3 present in countries such as Spain up to 12%, and which is associated with high cholesterol levels in the blood and therefore a high risk of cardiovascular disease , including a mental imbalance caused by Alzheimer .

The study followed a group of patients accustomed to physical activity in a disciplined and constant, confirming that subjects genetically predisposed to a disease such as Alzheimer’s could reduce the risk of developing mental disorders with just give a simple short 30 minutes more.

The study showed that regular physical activity plays a role in mental health, especially in people genetically predisposed to be victims of Alzheimer’s, who could reduce the risks of these diseases if you would be encouraged to walk around from time to when.