Abdominal Obesity and Alcohol

Abdominal obesity and alcoholA recent study published in the ‘European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, has just revealed that the intake of alcohol, during different stages of life can produce abdominal adiposity , generating a significant increase in waist circumference.

The men are the group most likely to suffer from an increased body mass index (BMI).

There is no doubt that alcohol consumption remains one of the main factors in abdominal obesity (if not the main reason), which means a higher risk of death in adults. The news has been confirmed by the Department of Information and Science News (SINC), who just published in the ‘European Journal of Clinical Nutrition’ the results of his recent research on the relationship between alcohol intake and increased Index Body Mass (BMI).

Research carried out over a period of nine years, to study a sample of more than 250,000 people between 25 and 70 years, from European countries like Norway, UK, France, Netherlands, Greece, Italy, Germany, Sweden and Spain. At all times tested alcohol exposure during abdominal obesity of patients, determining that the subscription of alcohol, especially beer, is a constant risk increasing BMI (75% in the case of men).

Research confirms that drinking alcohol can stop reverse abdominal obesity during the first months and up to 28%.