Steven Lash: Entrepreneur’s Magazine’s Trailblazers and Trendsetters Awardee!

2010 marked a very progressive year for medical tourism agency industry leader Satori World Medical. It was only the fifth month of the year when they won the most coveted Trailblazers and Trendsetters awardee for ten year 2009. Of course, it was such a very big deal considering that the company has only started operating in 2009 and yet they already got an award a year later. They are a company operating in San Diego California and is specializing in sending their patients to other countries for medical, dental, surgical and cosmetic operations and procedures. So far, with just a few years in their experience record, they have been providing these health plan packages with personalized choices from their clients with cheaper price rates.

In just a span of a year, Satori World Medical has been a global brand in a multi-million dollar medical tourism industry, all thanks to Steven Lash Satori. In the health care category, the medical tourism is one of the prevailing industries at this time. Thus, it paved way for more clients for the company and a tremendous growth for their operations. For Steven Lash Satori, getting this most sought-after award is more than a blessing for their company. Rather, it is a good recognition of the service they have dedicated to the industry. He said that this outsourcing business is a way to introduce to the whole world what other countries can do in the medical field now that almost all countries are giving an arms race competition to one another in terms of providing the latest and most technologically advanced machines and equipment for better medical procedures.

Steven Lash Satori World Medical President is proud that his company is one of the first global health care networks and Service Company specifically designed to give world class services from the most popular medical tourist destinations in the world without having to spend too much. They coordinate all of these health plans so that their clients will do nothing but just pack up the bags, aboard the plane and have a memorable medical tourism experience where they combine medical purposes with traveling purposes.

With that in hand, it is clearly visible why the company won the award and will surely gather more in the near future. They are thankful that despite the youth of their company, they are already considered as a top-flier in this customer-driven industry that is known for scheduling, devising and coordinating the beast health holiday getaways for their clients.