Routine Abdomen – How to have a stomach of steel?

Routine Abdomen The abdomen may become a headache for most people looking to have a fitness body, the abdomen is an area that tends not naturally develop greatly or fairly easily as do the biceps, is a bit more complex physical work you have to do to get a stomach of steel.

The basic exercise for this area are the abs but for some people it can be a tedious exercise and yielding few results, the answer to this is that we make this exercise the right way, here I leave some common mistakes in implementing abdominal :

• encourage us as a spring from the ground, up and down without effort, maybe your back is tired but your stomach just ran its course.
• When you do abdominal crunches on a bench and this has foot support not using it for leverage, and get up, remember that this support is only present to maintain the stability of the body and to help raise as this can make straining your legs nonsense.
• Poor posture, posture is importanticima, in the way that will put your body where you do physical work, remember to be lying on a flat surface preferably on a mattress for crunches or bench for it, is completely horizontal position and must not be bent before.
• Straining in the neck, the neck is an area that is very fragile and when sobreesfuerza can damage somewhere as cervical or neck.

Now I let a routine so you have a steel stomach in 8 minutes abs routine is for a basic but you will sure to have it as a base and full exercise your abs without equipment rare or go to the gym, all this what you can do from the comfort of your home if you do not have a bank to support you can use any.

This routine abdomen is very good and is designed to maximize your time and space, you can develop your abs, this workout for the abs you should perform 3-2 times a week for 4 or 5 weeks and you will see good results in your abdomen. Enjoy the exercise.