Those Pesky Lice

Lice are an outstanding bill for which we must pass on occasion and fight with it and yet still little is known about it, your treatment and especially how to prevent non infected.
You know that there are three types of lice, head and acquaintances, body and pubic, they are best known as crabs. Females really are called nits living four weeks and put in charge of the eggs after 7 days usually calls out larvae and lice.
Head lice are a measure of 2.4 to 3.3 mm, are gray hair caught in the claws with their feet and down to the scalp to suck blood, that’s his mission. On the other hand, females lay 3-4 eggs per day and fixed with a cement near the root of the hairs.
Body lice are usually in the folds and seams of clothing, then only will the skin to feed. Very similar to above but slightly larger.
On the other hand, the spread of lice is by jumping or flying like flies, are spread by direct contact. The head of the contract by contacting the hair with the other person concerned or to use their combs, hats, towels, stuffed animals, etc.. However, the body and pubic spread by clothing or bedding and especially sex.
Are prevented by not using contaminated objects and for this we must disinfect and wash clothes at 60 degrees, locking them stuffed animals in plastic bags for 10 days and use repellents lice season them.
For the effective treatment with permethrin or malathion preparations, lotion, cream or shampoo.