What Are the Treatment Anxiety Options?

Treatment anxiety optionsTreating your anxiety problem has several objectives:

• relieve symptoms and prevent relapse.
• If you have panic attacks, reduce the frequency, duration and intensity and reduce avoidance behaviors.

Standard treatments are psychotherapy and medication, which can be used together or not, depending on the type of anxiety disorder you have.


Individual or group psychological interventions, with varying degrees of complexity, management-oriented and emotional factor modification of thought and behavior that keep anxiety and / or its consequences.


For the treatment of anxiety, antidepressants and antianxiety medications are used.

Your family doctor is the best person to tell which drug is most suitable, how long you need it and what side effects may cause.

Other treatments

• Self-help treatments: Reading and applying specific self-help programs for anxiety disorders (texts and subsequent programmed exercises to learn to manage and control anxiety).

• Herbs: Some herbs such as valerian, passionflower, ginkgo biloba and kava extract appears that may reduce symptoms of anxiety, but further research on its safety and efficacy.
What is the development of anxiety and distress?

Anxiety problems have periods of reduction and disappearance of symptoms for a variable time interval.

As with any other chronic disease (diabetes, hypertension,
etc..), with proper treatment, you can live with this problem properly, restoring normalcy in their lives. So, do not suffer unnecessarily and visit your health center as soon as possible, since the evolution of the more favorable your problem is detected sooner.

Effective treatment will help reduce symptoms, improve their self-esteem and get back to enjoying life again.

Sometimes, there are ups and downs in the process, but the obstacles and setbacks are a normal part of learning. Do not be discouraged.