How Satori World Medical Chooses Its Partner Hospitals Abroad

In the medical travel industry hospitals abroad are the bread and butter; this is how important quality assurance is in such industry. Whenever an affiliated hospital abroad renders unreliable service, then the medical travel company is to blame. It is the duty of the company to assure its clients with quality and safe medical services abroad; and failing to do so can result in so much trouble.

Satori World Medical takes pride in its quality assurance process. The company is very particular and strict when it comes to determining whether or not a certain hospital abroad passes the standards set. Satori makes sure that the hospitals it is affiliated with provide nothing but the best quality healthcare services. The company’s head of quality department is Ron Johnson, M.D., F.A.C.S. He personally visits the affiliated hospitals to learn firsthand if they follow the guidelines set by American Medical Association (AMA) and Satori. In the company’s website, Dr. John said that the company’s priority is quality. “Satori’s primary focus is providing access to quality care for our patients.  Our program meets or exceeds published AMA Guidelines on medical travel,” he said.

All of the hospitals affiliated with Satori World Medical are Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited. They also follow the medical standards set by AMA. In order for a hospital to become an affiliate of Satori, it must prove that it is capable of providing medical services in a careful, safe, and effective manner. The hospital should be JCI-accredited and employs the best of the best physicians. This is to ensure Satori’s clients with quality medical services abroad.

Quality assurance is just one of the many business aspects that Satori takes seriously. The company is also known for its exceptional customer service. Customer relations employees of the company make sure that every concern and need of clients is attended to and taken care of. This is why the company is known for being the most client-friendly medical travel in the U.S. today. The highly-skilled and friendly staff of the company is among the reasons why the company continues to conquer its endeavors.