Denver Chiropractors – Chiropractic Care and Rotator Cuffs

Denver Chiropractors – Chiropractic Care and Rotator Cuffs

What is the rotator cuff?

The shoulder is an amazing human structure that happens to be is one of the most mobile joints we have in our bodies. However, this flexibility also means the joint is susceptible to injuries. The group of small muscles that hold the humerus, the bone in the upper arm, against the shoulder joint is referred to as the “rotator cuff”. In addition there are several muscles in the chest and back that stabilize the shoulder and help with smooth and even motion in and around the joint area.

What are the major causes of shoulder pain?

Mild pain followed by over-use can be caused the resulting swelling and inflammation of the muscles, tendons and even the joint. More serious pain can cause the joint to become immobile. Persistent or more severe pain may be an indication of more serious conditions including rotator cuff syndrome.

The pain often occurs in the front and side of the shoulder, and can be worse at night. Activities that involves a lot of overhead arm motion, such as climbing, throwing, volleyball and even sleeping with your arm up can cause rotator cuff syndrome.

In severe cases a sufferer of rotator cuff syndrome can lead to other shoulder problems including the joint actually freezing.

An experienced chiropractor can help to minimize complications from your shoulder injury and even help you avoid surgery.

If you have pain that lasts for a few days or more contact a healthcare professional right away so you can heal properly and get back to the healthy activities you enjoy.

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