8 Natural Remedies Against Respiratory Allergies

8 natural remedies against respiratory allergiesHaving some discomfort seems quite a challenge for anyone who suffers from respiratory allergies, as well as being constant and attack when you least expect it may be impossible to attack.

So here are some home remedies to keep in mind when attacking respiratory allergies.

1. Take water. Best thing is to clean up any water. Prepare in a bottle, a liter of pure water with the juice of two lemons and a tablespoon of chlorophyll, sugar will achieve thereby counteract respiratory allergies.

2. Garlic. Among many of its properties is that of combating respiratory allergies, is an excellent natural remedy so it is recommended that people with allergies as much at meals consumed especially in salads.

3. Manzanilla. As usual lack chamomile which can not combined with other herbs such as clove is very effective to relieve the symptoms of respiratory allergies.

4. Basil. Prepare a tea with this herb is a good home remedy for allergies because it contributes to good breathing, you should not sweeten for best results.

5. Green tea. Besides being known for its antioxidant, green tea helps to improve the symptoms of respiratory allergies, take it every day will not only help you improve your health, also will do the same with your appearance.

6. Apple cider vinegar. One of the old tricks to eliminate traditional respiratory allergies is apple cider vinegar. Just drink three times a day a tablespoon of vinegar diluted in a glass of water.

7. Honey. Another home remedy for allergies is to chew a piece of honeycomb for ten minutes to clear.

8. Rub the ears. One of the most common symptoms of respiratory allergies is a stuffy nose, to uncover all you have to do is rub your dark circles until hot and well again breathe without problems.