What to do in case of nasal congestion?

nasal congestion
Nasal congestion occurs due to inflammation of the blood vessels, which in turn causes them to swell the tissues lining the nose, reducing the space through which the air passes normally through the nostrils. The result: a blocked nose.

Effective remedies for nasal congestion:

• Take decongestants, manage shrink swollen blood vessels in the nose.

• Use decongestant nasal drops or sprays, but never for more than three days, causing the opposite effect. They can be contraindicated in people with hypertension or other health problems, so before using them should always consult your doctor.

• To reduce the amount of mucus resort to antihistamines, but always with care, as some may cause drowsiness.

• Also a humidifier to prevent drying out mucous.

• To remove nasal congestion is good to drink plenty of fluids. A good tea or hot broth also come in handy.

• Avoid smoking.

• To unclog the nose is good to avoid laden environments that prevent further breathing.

• When eating, remember to wash your hands well to prevent virus infections.

• Strengthen your defenses with vitamin C in your diet. Eat orange, mandarin, kiwi, pineapple, strawberries… etc.

• When lying, try sleeping with your head slightly raised to facilitate breathing and prevent clogging.

• Be patient. Your nose will return to normal in less than a week.